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Artificis is one of the leading air conditioning companies in Portugal.

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2016- 2017, Impresa, Oeiras - Supervision of the HVAC project (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and the construction works of the Impresa building.

2016 , Seaproject, Lagos - Ammonia refrigeration project for a 6000m² fish freezing factory, involving freezing at -42ºC, -32ºC, conservation at -10ºC, brine 0ºC, heating at 70ºC, ice factory and HVAC. The plant has 3MW cooling capacity.

2016, Dolce Vita, Amadora - Energy audit of the 14MW cooling production system and the distribution of chilled water and consumption of the 76000m² service building. Studied and proposed improvements to the underfloor cooling system, energy improvement of the UTA's, water distribution, etc.

2016, MARL, Loures - Technical representative specialized in refrigeration, by MARL - Lisbon Market Supply Market, in a lawsuit against a company that operated the ice factory of the complex. It consists of refrigeration and conservation by ammonia refrigeration system with capacity of 75ton / day.

2016, Silvex, Benavente - Supervision of the project and execution of the installation work of freecooling HVAC system.

2016, Continental Teves, Palmela - Project for water cooling for anodizing process with 0.5MW and heating with 1.5MW.

2016, PGA Portugália Airlines, Lisboa - ATEX ventilation of the battery charging room.

2016, Banco Big, Lisboa - Energy audit of HVAC installation of headquarters building.

2015-2016, Portucel, Setúbal - Project for the installation of precision HVAC (temperature, humidity and particles) from various laboratories in process plant laboratories.

2015, TAP, Lisboa - Reformulation of air-conditioning facilities for highly sensitive machines and equipment for testing aircraft hydraulics and fuels. The rooms need permanent control of air pressure, temperature and humidity. Mixing ambient air and vaporized oil requires a high degree of filtration, along with 100% heat recovery air renewal.

2015, NOS, Carnaxide - Energy study of the Data Center HVAC installation, with the purpose of reducing consumption and increasing the robustness of the installations.

2015, ISQ, Taguspark - Reformulation of the HVAC power network of two administrative buildings.

2014-2015, Caetano Coatings, Carregado - HVAC system design for an anodizing process with 1.5 MW cooling capacity and 1.5 MW heating capacity (130⁰C overheated hot water).

Desde 2013, Vodafone, Lisboa - The approximately 2MW HVAC installation consists of district heating and cooling, with underfloor ceilings, calculation center, etc. Support in solving all major problems, namely: control, radiant ceilings, hydraulic distribution, automation, etc. Since the building is large and complex, the service is still going to be performed for a few years.

2015, BNP Paribas, Lisboa - HVAC project design and consulting in support of the architectural services provided by YOURSPACE company, on the seven floors occupied by BNP Paribas in the Avenida Alexandre Herculano Building.

2010-2015, EDP, Seia/Coimbra/ Catelo Branco e Lisboa - EDP (largest electricity supplier in Portugal) has requested my services to correct climate problems in several important buildings. When HVAC systems are not working as expected, problems are accurately analyzed, solutions are designed and all necessary corrections are supported.

2013-2014, Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Lisboa - Control logic for an ice water process consisting of 0.5MW absorption chiller and thermal solar panels for the Caixa Geral de Depósitos headquarters building was established.

Desde de 2007, Crédito Agrícola Informática, Amadora - Implementation project of all HVAC facilities of the Crédito Agrícola Informática building, including cooling of the calculation center and comfort in the service areas.

2013, ISQ, Angola - Project for the installation of precision HVAC (temperature, humidity and particles) from 4 laboratories in a higher school in Luanda.

2012 - 2013, Vodafone , Porto - The 0.6MW capacity HVAC installation consists of chiller unit, underfloor ceilings, center of calculation center, etc. but it has never worked properly since startup. The building's HVAC installation was analyzed and solutions were provided for all major problems such as chiller, hydraulic distribution, automation, etc., as well as minor problems such as valve actuators, air vents, etc. A project was prepared for market consultation, assisted in the choice of the contractor and the work was followed until the problems of the building's air conditioning installation were resolved.

Desde 2000, Crédito Agricola, Lisboa - Design and monitoring of various HVAC projects, including refurbishment of the entire headquarters building and some agencies.



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